Competencies & Scan Times

Booking staff:

  • Some practices find providing a couple of 10min catchup spots on the morning of my first day to help us run to schedule.
  • Please feel free to email me anytime if you want to confirm what exams I can do and how long to allow.

General 20mins: Upper Abdo, Renal, Pelvic

Obstetric 20mins: <12 wks, 12-16wks, >22wks
Obstetric 30mins: NT scan (Twin NT scan)
Obstetric 40mins: Morphology (Twin morphology – 1hr)

Small Parts/MSK 20mins: Thyroid, Neck, Breast/s (30mins for Implants), Testes, Shoulder, Foot/ankle, Hand/wrist/forearm, Hernia (Umbilical/Inguinal), Lumps & Bumps etc

Vascular 20mins: Aorta, Unilateral DVT (Leg/Arm), Carotid Arteries, Unilateral Arm Arteries
Vascular 30mins: Bilateral DVT, Unilateral CVI (Varicose Veins), Mesenteric Arteries, Renal Arteries
Vascular 40mins: Unilateral Leg Arteries
Vascular 1hr: Bilateral Leg Arteries, Bilateral CVI

Paediatric 20mins: Pyloric Stenosis, Abdo, Renal, Pelvis