Competencies and Scan times

Locum Sonographer

Booking staff:

  • Some practices find providing a couple of 10min catchup spots on the morning of my first day to help us run to schedule.
  • Please feel free to email me anytime if you want to confirm what exams I can do and how long to allow.
General 20mins Upper Abdo, Renal, Pelvic
Obstetric 20mins <12 wks, 12-16wks, >22wks
Obstetric 30mins NT scan (Twin NT scan)
Obstetric 40mins Morphology (Twin morphology – 1hr)
Small Parts/MSK 20mins Thyroid, Neck, Breast/s (30mins for Implants), Testes, Shoulder, Foot/ankle, Hand/wrist/forearm, Hernia (Umbilical/Inguinal), Lumps & Bumps etc
Vascular 20mins Aorta, Unilateral DVT (Leg/Arm), Carotid Arteries, Unilateral Arm Arteries
Vascular 30mins Bilateral DVT, Unilateral CVI (Varicose Veins), Mesenteric Arteries, Renal Arteries
Vascular 40mins Unilateral Leg Arteries
Vascular 1hr Bilateral Leg Arteries, Bilateral CVI
Paediatric 20mins Pyloric Stenosis, Abdo, Renal, Pelvis